Home Cleaning Secrets That Make Life Easier

Spring cleaning may seem daunting and time-consuming, but there are ways to make the task simpler and more manageable. Here are five effective tips to make home cleaning more manageable and enjoyable.

Professional cleaners recommend starting from the top and working your way down as an efficient strategy to minimize time consumption and ensure all surfaces of a room are covered evenly, rather than moving from surface to surface.

Microwave Your Cloths and Sponge

Microwaves can be an efficient and effective way to eliminate bacteria and odors in cloths and sponges, helping extend their lifespan by keeping them dry for extended periods.

Kitchen sponges contain up to 45 billion microorganisms per centimeter squared.

A sponge's warm and damp environment provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. They thrive in its nutrient-rich space and form colonies that produce an unpleasant odor that may eventually overpower it all.

Clean Glass

Glass can be an extremely challenging surface to keep clean, but there are simple solutions for making sure it looks spotless and sparkling.

Make your windows streak-free using vinegar and newspaper to clean windows instead of paper towels! The vinegar helps break down oils and dirt particles while the newspaper absorbs any remaining residue for streak-free glass!

Clean Your Coffee or Teapot

Denture tablets are an effective and cost-efficient solution for cleaning coffee or teapots. Specially formulated to remove stains and kill bacteria, denture tablets make an excellent addition to any household for coffee or teapot sanitation.

Use denture tablets to clean vases and other hard-to-reach objects with ease. They're great for eliminating stubborn stains from glass vases, ceramics, tea cups, mugs, and thermoses alike.

Clean Your Shower Head and Faucets

Your shower head and faucets work better when regularly maintained; that is because these fixtures come into constant contact with water which can leave a residue that causes dirt build-up over time.

Cleaning your shower head and faucets quickly is made simple by using vinegar and a plastic bag. The vinegar will break up hard water stains or buildup while the bag prevents it from damaging the finish of the faucets.

Remove Faucet and Steel Stains

Over time, your faucets can accumulate spots and stains that are hard to get off with just regular soap and water alone. While these issues can be frustrating to manage, it is possible to take steps to restore their appearance to look brand new again.

One effective solution for hard water stains and calcium buildup is vinegar. This natural cleaner is safe to use on most surfaces and can effectively dissolve hard water deposits and calcium buildup.

Clean Your Baseboards

Dryer sheets can be an invaluable aid to keeping a home tidy - even after they have been used! Running one along your baseboards will help attract dust while giving the room the aroma of freshly laundered linens. Plus, dryer sheets can even help remove it from blinds, mirrors, chandeliers, or delicate light fixtures - such as chandeliers.

Remove Hair from Your Carpet

If your house is home to pets, then you know the struggle of trying to remove their fur from carpets, blankets, and upholstery furniture can be daunting. Unfortunately, vacuuming alone may not always do the trick, but this cleaning tip might just do the trick!

Use your bathroom squeegee as part of an effective carpet or rug vacuum cleaning regimen, lifting embedded hairs and dust which gets trapped beneath. Due to their unique shape, squeegees can also help eliminate dirt from corners in your room.

Clean Your Couch

Baking soda is an ideal natural cleaner to quickly and efficiently clean your couch, as it can eliminate odors while also protecting against future stains.

Be certain to use the appropriate cleaner for your fabric sofa - check its cleaning code tag to determine which solution will be safe for the material used in its construction.

If your couch is a type of synthetic fiber, such as polyester, it's best to vacuum it first before applying any kind of cleaner, as this helps remove loose dirt and debris. If you don't have a vacuum with a brush attachment, use a lint roller to get rid of any stray hair or dust that could be trapped in your upholstery.

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