How To Deep Clean Your Home Before Moving Out

As part of your lease or sale contract, there may be specific cleaning requirements you need to fulfill when leaving or moving out of a property. It's vital that when leaving it clean for someone else to inhabit.

To ensure you meet those requirements, we have compiled this checklist of deep cleaning tasks to complete prior to moving out. These can be performed alone or with assistance from professional cleaners.

Where to Start?

Before renting or selling your home, it's essential to perform a deep clean to help secure the return of your security deposit or prevent additional cleaning fees from your landlord or building's management company. Doing this may help get back your security deposit or avoid additional cleaning fees from landlords or building management.

Before embarking on any deep cleaning endeavor, clear away all clutter from the room. This will make it easier to notice all your hard work when finished and can serve as motivation to continue working hard at it.

Once all visible clutter has been cleared away, focus on rooms requiring the most work. Begin by dusting high surfaces before moving down toward the floor.

Bathrooms require much attention since they will likely be heavily used throughout your time living there and will accumulate plenty of dirt and grime that needs to be cleared away.

Use disinfectant spray on counters and toilets to kill germs and eliminate bacteria, or on stainless steel appliances to eliminate fingerprints and food crumbs.

Make use of a microfiber cloth to remove dust that accumulates on surfaces and to help avoid scratches that could potentially occur on stainless steel and glass surfaces. This will also help avoid leaving behind scratches that might leave permanent marks behind.

Make sure to go through your closets and hanging rods to remove any personal items that might still be hiding there, which will save time on move-out day. Doing this also helps avoid an overwhelming cleaning job on that day!

Dependent upon the size and layout of your home, more than one person may need to help with the cleaning process. In such a situation, assign each individual an area of focus so as to streamline this step and make your life simpler!

Supplies Needed

Before moving out of a property, it is wise to leave it clean. A dirty or disorganized space may allow pests and insects to make themselves at home in your space; to prevent this from happening it's essential that deep cleaning takes place before leaving.

As a way to start cleaning, creating a list of areas within your home that need to be attended will enable you to effectively plan and prioritize cleaning tasks that must be accomplished.

Once you have your list ready, break it down room by room so that you have ample time and do not run out of steam or leave any unfinished tasks unattended. This way, no deadlines or forgotten tasks arise during your workday!

If your kitchen requires deep cleaning, start there as this area may prove the most challenging and will require the most time and effort.

Always ensure your kitchen countertops, cabinets and appliances are thoroughly clean to give it an appealing, fresh appearance that will draw in potential tenants or buyers. This will give potential tenants and buyers confidence.

Finally, don't forget to thoroughly wash your carpets when getting them ready for moving out - especially if you have pets or small children that might be sensitive to dust and dirt. This step can make an enormous difference!

Make use of your vacuum's crevice tool to get to those hard-to-reach spots where dirt might be hiding, and rent professional-grade cleaners if possible for an intensive cleaning of your home.


Every room of your home needs to be thoroughly cleansed from time to time. This is particularly important in bathrooms, which contain bacteria-filled surfaces from shower curtains to toothbrush handles that could harm you and your family members.

As your first step, remove anything in your bathroom that doesn't belong - including things such as bath mats and towels used prior to moving out as well as clutter on your countertop.

Once the air is circulating freely in your room and dust has stopped collecting on surfaces, make sure you vacuum your entire bathroom floor to remove any hair or dirt that has accumulated there.

As your vacuum hose attachment runs, make sure all surfaces in your bathroom are cleaned with either disinfectant spray or distilled white vinegar and water solution for the best results. This will prevent germs from sticking to surfaces and potentially leading to infections.

Once that is accomplished, go ahead and scrub both the sink and bathtub (if applicable) using a mild cleaner and soft rag. Baking soda works great to remove stubborn stains off ceramic sinks while vinegar may work even better for stubborn ones.

Before you leave, take a final step and sanitize all fixtures in your bathroom, such as sinks, faucet handles, and door knobs. This will ensure there are no remaining bacteria when you move out.

Make sure to inspect both your toilet and sink for signs of wear and tear before moving out, in particular, any old or broken fixtures that require replacement - this may prove costly but could save you from future hassle.

Kitchen Floors

Professional floor cleaning can be an exceptional opportunity since furniture won't have to be moved in and out. While you might think your efforts at floor cleaning are enough, professional results cannot compare. 

Carpets especially contain so much dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens that it is wiser to have someone else perform an expert deep clean of them than to try doing it yourself. You should schedule this task last so as not to accidentally get dirtier while cleaning other parts of the house.

Living Room Hallways

These areas will be easier to clean, yet you should still pay special attention to areas that need additional care. Ceiling fans or light fixtures which may have been neglected should be tackled first.

Take extra steps when cleaning the ceiling and walls as the paint may need scrubbing while wallpaper requires gentler care and wiping; when cleaning wallpaper you can wipe using a dry cloth then give a gentle scour with soapy water for the wallpaper surface; trim, moldings, and window casings can all benefit from some extra wiping action too.

In Conclusion

Now that your house is cleaned, it is time to fill it up and make it your own. While move-in deep cleaning may seem like a lot of work, the results can make your transition much smoother and faster, helping you feel at home in no time! 

While this project may not be for everyone, seek professional move-in house cleaning services so you can focus on settling into your new space instead. No matter which cleaning method you opt for - either deep or surface - move-in deep cleaning will go far towards helping make the transition smooth and speedy so you can quickly adapt quickly once settling into your new place!

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