How to Deep Clean Your House

How to Deep Clean Your House

Deep cleaning of your house regularly is key to maintaining a healthy environment. A deep clean removes bacteria, allergens and mold that could contribute to illness or weaken your immune system.

Refreshing and redesigning your living space will not only make it inviting and pleasing for guests to enjoy but can have a positive effect on your mental state and help make you more relaxed and content.

Getting Started

Deep cleaning of your home can give it an entirely new appearance and feel. While deep cleaning should typically occur between April and November, this task can be completed anytime during the year.

Start deep cleaning your house right with these tips from DIY experts! When starting off on a deep clean of your house, the first step should be dividing it up into sections so you can focus on a single area at a time and ensure each receives due consideration.

Create a list for each section of the house, noting what needs to be cleaned in each. This will keep you organized throughout your deep cleaning journey.

Make sure to review your list, keeping an eye out for items you may have overlooked such as ceiling and molding surfaces that collect dust and spider webs that require cleaning. This may include areas such as ceiling and molding areas which often go forgotten but require regular attention for good hygiene.

Another step is to go room by room, as this will enable you to identify clutter that has accumulated and make deep cleaning easier.

Once you've tackled several bedrooms, visit your garage and closets to take inventory. Take this time to decide what belongings still matter to you while getting rid of anything no longer relevant or unwanted.

If you find it challenging to commit to deep cleaning your home on an ongoing basis, setting a cleaning schedule may help ensure that you're doing an excellent job at keeping it that way. Your schedule could include daily, weekly, or monthly clean-up sessions depending on how large and how often it needs done.

Divide the House into Sections

Making time to declutter your home can be both satisfying and daunting; for those living in smaller to medium-sized houses, it can also be a difficult undertaking. A planned strategy is key to creating an effortless decluttering project: you must first establish what your priorities are before identifying the most essential areas and creating a game plan - the best way to do this is with a checklist. Once this task has been streamlined, the fun really starts!

Make a Checklist

No matter if you hire professional cleaners or undertake the task yourself, having a checklist is an essential tool for staying organized, increasing productivity, and meeting all of your tasks on schedule.

There are two different kinds of checklists, the task list and the requirements list. Both lists can help organize your work efficiently, with the latter offering more specificity while helping identify mistakes as they happen.

Start by creating a basic list template. A good list should contain all relevant tasks to be accomplished as well as small, measurable objectives for each one.

Consider your schedule: if you work outside the home, having cleaning services come directly to your house could save time and effort while showing customers that you appreciate their business.

Before beginning a deep clean, it is wise to ensure you have all of the supplies necessary. This will guarantee that you never run out of essential cleaning solutions or sponges!

If you want to increase the value of your home, professional deep cleaning may help. A deep clean can increase its worth by up to 5% according to research - especially important if you plan to sell soon!

The Tools and Products You Need

Deep cleaning your house takes more than just regular clean-ups; it requires special tools that can make the task efficient and effective.

Wendy Silberstein, founder, and CEO of The Aesthetic Organizer, suggests that the key to an effective deep cleaning session is eliminating clutter. Take stock of what you own before sorting through storage bins to identify which items belong in your collection and which should be donated or thrown away.

Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing suggests creating a designated station for cleaning supplies and products to make finding what you need easier. Doing so allows you to stay organized while simultaneously having ready access to essential tools when needed for each task.

Once your supplies are assembled, it's time to get organized! Here are the essentials needed for an all-encompassing spring cleaning effort in your home.

Use a dusting wand with an extended handle to clean the ceiling from top to bottom, and remove cobwebs and dust from light fixtures, trim, and bulbs on the ceiling.

Step three should involve cleaning walls and surfaces. San Angelo recommends using a microfiber mop with an appropriate cleaning solution for hard-to-reach spots or applying antibacterial wipes containing disinfectants on those that cannot be reached easily.

Consider investing in a microfiber cloth, which is gentle on surfaces and ideal for picking up dust without leaving streaks behind. Microfiber cloths can especially come in handy for keeping flatscreens and furniture tidy without leaving an unpleasant residue behind.

Your household should also possess a disinfectant and cleaner that are suitable for everyone in the household, working effectively on most surfaces such as toilets and kitchen countertops without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Post-Cleaning Tips

Before embarking on a deep clean, it is wise to clear away any clutter that has accumulated - items lying on the floor piled on counters or tablets, draped over furniture, etc - this will make working more efficiently in areas that need cleaning easier.

Once your house is clear of clutter, deep cleaning can begin. Proceed room by room to collect any clutter you don't require such as trash bags, empty cans, or objects that have accumulated within your home.

After cleaning several rooms in your home, move on to the next area. It's wise to wipe down all flat surfaces that have dust or fingerprints on them (walls and mirrors alike), using a dampened microfiber cloth and some soapy water.

Deep cleaning your home will put it back in order and is highly recommended to keep it looking its best throughout the year. Give your house an in-depth deep clean at least once annually to remove dust that has been collected, flush out cleaning solutions from your system and help maximize efficiency during subsequent rounds of housecleaning - you will achieve more and enjoy its results more! Don't forget to deep-clean in spring as well.

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